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Scherzo - Bagatelle

Scherzo - Bagatelle

for violin and piano
In memoriam Eugène Ysaÿe
This work was commissioned by the Queen Elisabeth Competition, intended for the Semi-Final of the 2019 Violin Competition in Brussels.
This short, capricious composition not only deals with violinist virtuosity, but also challenges musical skills, including the interaction with the pianist, who is considered an equal player.
Rather than trying to be new, I primarily wanted to write a composition in which the performers experience pleasure in their performance, but at the same time also face major challenges.
The title links up with the tradition of character pieces within the traditional violin repertoire, which often has a humorous touch, but above all serves to impress the audience.
A composer who wrote particularly good music in this tradition was the founder of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, Eugène Ysaÿe. His music inspired me to add the typical polyphonic chords to the violin part. In addition, pizzicato playing and the use of flageolets also form an essential part of the musical story.

Bram Van Camp - Scherzo-Bagatelle (Luke Hsu, violin)

Luke Hsu, violin
Takashi Sato, piano

5 minutes
  • Violin
  • Piano
Commissioned by
Queen Elisabeth Competition for violin, 2019


Brussels, Flagey
Júlia Pusker - violin, Christia Hudziy - piano